Me, Julia Roberts…

‘Me, Julia Roberts’ was shot as an interview based on real events that happened in the main character’s life. Julia is a transgender woman and sex-worker…

2016 ►07:07►


Army Boots Crave Tenderness

October 3, 2015 the Luda Gallery (St. Petersburg) hosted a first night  of a new performative play by the art group Teresa. 

October 3, 2015 ►25:23►


Aphrodite’s Girdle

Date and place: October 31, 2014, Lyuda Gallery, Mokhovaya 42, St. Petersburg

October 31, 2014 ►27:30►



Tammy, a transgender American citizen, kindly agreed to be in a video. The meeting with him took place at a hotel in Sheremetyevo, Moscow….

2014 ►15:38►



The film is a conversation of two poets who come across each other one day – Ksenia Uvarova and Aleksandr, a man who has been living on a bench in Bitsevski park for a few years…

2013 ►4:04►


Lost Land

Yalta seafront, 2013. Fishing. Everything was quiet and one could not say what would happen already the following year…

2013 ►4:37►


Kalinka – Malinka

Traditional Russian culture is found not only in the folk art, but also in the modern world. And quite often you encounter it, where it is profitable: at the fairs, performances and other festivities where are any people, potential buyers of this art, gather.

2007 ►02:25►



It is a small period in the life of an aged couple filmed near Sevastopol in the Balaclava Bay, the former submarine base. A small municipal beach is packed with people engrossed in the satisfaction of their physical needs presented against the background of the ruins of an embankment…

2004 ►10:18►



The «Nutcrackers» video symbolizes the kingdom sleeping under the spell of magic sent by the King of Mice. Yet, instead of the residents of the kingdom, we see ordinary soldiers sleeping on duty near the eternal fire under the Kremlin wall.

2005 ►05:56►



The valia999@rambler.ru video is based on the real story of Valia, a resident of Kharkov. For most of her life Valia has been engaged in shuttle trade: she went to Italy where she bought shoes to be sold at the local clothes market.

2005 ►02:30►



Since the 7th century BC horse races formed the main part of the Olympics, and the free residents of Ancient Greece enjoyed them. This entertainment spread all over the globe, and then it became rare and isolated, and the demand for it is going down today…

2004 ►03:57►


Bottom – Up

In the «Bottom-Up» film Begalska’s performance makes «elite» male fantasies real in the scene of office sex. The characters include a half naked frail woman , licking the soles of the second character’s shoes. a «moneybag» wearing a leather mask , who sometimes feebly expresses his dissatisfaction with the insufficient diligence of the lady…

2004 ►02:39►



The videos «Welcome» and «Bottomup» is a feminist side of Begalska’s work. «Feminism» is in quotation marks here, because Begalska is far from the didactic criticism of male domination, and of the «lustful gaze», which supposedly humiliates and objectifies women…

2004 ►10:16►


I’d Like
to Dig


Guelman Gallery


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