Kalinka – Malinka



Traditional Russian culture is found not only in the folk art, but also in the modern world. And quite often you encounter it, where it is profitable: at the fairs, performances and other festivities where are any people, potential buyers of this art, gather. The Izmailovo market is one of the main venues where products for foreigners are sold, and it is brilliant illustration of the expanse of Russian culture with its: felt boots, shirts, embroidered sarafans and kokoshniks for women displayed to every interested visitor. A man with a bear is entertaining the public nearby. The filming is made to the accompaniment of Kalinka-Malinka, Russian folk song calling upon the grateful public to be generous. The bogus nature of such a show becomes obvious against the background of the second part of the video , where Begalska, an artist, wearing a traditional Russian costume, dances in the old Izmailovo estate park , among other dancing people, of advanced age mostly, but she is alone in such a dress. A country guy , who starts dancing, explosively manifests the true nature of the people , that does not need any labels, while aged dancers show, that Russian culture is not always joyful, and well dressed..