It is a small period in the life of an aged couple filmed near Sevastopol in the Balaclava Bay, the former submarine base. A small municipal beach is packed with people engrossed in the satisfaction of their physical needs presented against the background of the ruins of an embankment. People eat greedily, drink, scratch themselves, dive into the water, again and again. People are relaxing. Navy ships appear for a moment on the screen several times. Filming is made during the Navy Day, emphasizing the general comic effect produced by the beachgoers response or, rather, by the lack of their response to the celebration. An aged couple, a man and a woman, keep swimming. They are focused on themselves and look no less funny than other people around them. The only thing that makes them different is their gentle care for each other, the care they shared all their life, and that is what gives everything quite a different meaning. It is love.