The video is based on the real story of Valia, a resident of Kharkov. For most of her life Valia has been engaged in shuttle trade: she went to Italy where she bought shoes to be sold at the local clothes market. This helped Valia save enough money to buy an apartment and to rear her son alone. When Valia got acquainted with the artist and learned that Victoria makes videos, she prayed on the artist to «launch» her on the Internet. That is how the idea of this video emerged, the video where Valia dances striptease on camera, telling her story. Her motivation was simple: finding herself alone at the age of 50, this woman felt lonely and dreamed of meeting a person to love, hoping that this video would find a response inthe heart of a man with whom she could be happy. The loneliness of a woman trying to build her own happiness in a gentle and naive way destroyed the air of vulgarity characteristic for this person. Thus an encounter with Valia initiateda whole cycle of painted female portraits united byone feature, loneliness